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 The Feudal Era - Character Profiles

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PostSubject: The Feudal Era - Character Profiles   Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:41 am

Name: First Name "Nickname" Surname
Gender: Male/Female/Other*
Race: Human/Demon/Angel/Other*
Age: Actual age or age based appearance if unknown
Sexual Orientation: Wherever on the spectrum
Appearance: You might want to include their height/weight, general appearance (eyes, hair, skin-tone), their generally preferred or more common style of dress and anything remarkable or unique about their appearance. The more in here, the better. You can also post a suitable reference picture, if you like. Anyone who describes a character in terms of 'looks like Edward Cullen' will be summarily keelhauled and directed to the Mary-Sue litmus test.
Abilities: This can include anything from demonic/angelic powers to known fighting techniques and even anything so basic (and apparently uncommon) as the ability your character has to cook without burning down an entire establishment.
Weapons: Anything used by your character in a battle situation. 
Personality: What are they like? What drives them? What drives them mad? Take as much space as you like, but be realistic. It's probably unlikely that the character you just described as capable of dual-wielding six-foot flaming swords is going to blush and fret. 
Background: How did your character get to where they are now? How were they made aware of what is going on around them, and what drove them to their current goals? You can include anything and everything that helped to shape your character, including their living conditions and how they learned whatever it is they know. The more, the better; you never know when it might come in handy.


Peak Vice or Virtue: 

Second Tier Attributes:

Third Tier Attributes:

As usual, feel free to add whatever else might seem necessary, within reason. If you have completed a Vices/Virtues form, feel free to add it below your character profile.
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The Feudal Era - Character Profiles
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